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Collagen Induction Therapy or Mesotherapy (Microneedling) with ACS-PEN, THE best anti-Aging treatment! ACS stands for Advanced Cell Stimulation. The ACS-PEN is the first of its kind. This “State-of-the-Art” device is unique and distinguishes itself from all other needling devices by its unique patent. More importantly, the ACS-PEN incorporates the new precision Linear Needle Module (LNM) – both a world novelty!

The ACS-PEN’s purpose : skin optimization by stimulation and proliferation of epidermal stem cells in the basal layer. Thanks to the new Linear Needle Module design, even at this maximum depth, no numbing cream is required! It operates on a comfortable fixed speed.

In contrast to common micro-needling , the operation of the ACS-PEN is pain-free. The arrangement of 10 micro-needles in one line, (LNM), guarantees a precise treatment with no lasting redness or downtime. LNM allows you a very precise pricking. All LNM and Protection Cap are gamma sterilized.
Aging visibly results in wrinkles. Rapid skin elongation in a period of life where hormones are in great fluctuation (growth or pregnancy) may result in stretch marks. Excessive sun exposure can cause hyper pigmentation. Stem cells in our basal layer start to proliferate when stimulated by micro needles, the skin improves by forming new layers of keratinocytes. These facts are scientifically proven.
Repeating treatments improves the thickness and the radiance of the epidermis, reducing wrinkles and fine lines bringing a younger, firmer skin look.

To prolong the treatment’s results, EQlib advises you to try :

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Recommendation: 1 to 3 treatments every second week