250 per area Given upon consultation

The EXILIS ULTRA body cellulite and firming treatment allows you to keep your skin young and firm without surgery and recovery period.

Having firm skin and no cellulite is the challenge of our days. If you lose weight or age, the lack of firmness  and cellulite are part of your day to day battles. So, we chose to offer the EXILIS ULTRA treatment to answer our clients needs. The Exilis Ultra technology safely firms and treats cellulite efficiently by transmitting radio frequency waves and ultrasounds.
Overall, EXILIS ULTRA can re-contours and firms up unattractive fat bulges, because it heats subcutaneous tissues to tight existing collagen fibers as well as stimulating production of new collagen.
Exilis Ultra’s technology is painless, comfortable, safe, non-surgical and approved by Health Canada.

We highly suggest to use the Dermaroller or Beauty Mouse home device with a cellulite and firming serum as Phytomer P5 Lotion, to maintain your results. If desired, a Dermaroller Microneedling Body Treatment is also offered at the salon to professionally treat problem areas.

Results : A redefined silhouette revealing a smoother and firmer skin.
Treatments are executed by our certified technicians : Francine Racine and Annie Francescutti

Firming treatment areas:
– arms
– knees
– thighs

Cellulite treatment areas:
– thighs
– stomach
– back
– knees

Prices are indicated for one area, per treatment.
Prices are subject to change on consultation.

Recommendation: 4 to 6 treatments every 7 to 14 days.