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The perfect care for your teenager

This care is suitable for all young teenagers skin types. Deep tissue cleansing for skin (dilated pores & blackheads), which includes exfoliation, extraction, massage, followed by a soothing mask. (less than 14 years old)

How to Get Rid of Teenage Acne?

You’re probably wondering how to get rid of acne once and for all. The answer is simple: with an effective morning and evening routine. But be aware that it is quite normal to develop pimples during adolescence. It is simply that hormones are on fire! However, there are ways to reduce their impact on the skin and to prevent them. For example, by eating a balanced diet (limiting dairy products and reducing products rich in sugar and fat), limiting stress, exercising more, and not forgetting to change your pillowcase every two days. Watch HERE the video where Hélène explains in details how to take back control of your skin!

If problems persist, visit an aesthetician. At EQlib, you can take advantage of expert advice and professional care to treat acne properly.

The Morning and Evening Routine to Adopt

Of course, the morning and evening routine plays a crucial role in getting rid of unwanted intruders. Have your teen try our Clarity Acne Product Regimen. With this set, all the products needed to follow the easy 4-step routine are included. New skin, new me!

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