110 75 minutes

A deep Hydrating treatment

The Classic Moisturizing treatment is a basic treatment suitable for all skin types. It follows the steps of a classic facial, beginning with a deep cleansing and moisturizing of the epidermis. A scrub chosen for your skin type is performed with massage maneuvers. Once your skin is free of impurities, we clean the ostium (dilated pores and blackheads).
The last part of the treatment is focused on hydrating your skin. An application of cell stimulating serum and a face, neck and décolleté massage will allow the active ingredients to be more effective and to penetrate deeply. The treatment ends with an anti-aging mask specific to your skin type.

For a moisturizing body treatment, check out our Revival Treatment: it includes body exfoliation, application of essential oils, moisturizing with oil-in-water (O/W) and a paraffin foot treatment.

Recommendation: monthly