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Permanent Make-Up for Eyebrows, Eye Liner, Lip Contour

Our Permanent Make-Up (dermo-pigmentation) is achieved with the use of the finest quality medical pigments. There is a major difference from inks used for tatoos. Dermo-pigments give stability, execeptional color and have no associated health risk. The same high standards govern the pigments as those of medical and esthetic implants. They are also protected by an internal patent.

Permanent Make-Up has a life-span of 2 to 5 years and thus is influenced by the following elements:
– Age
– Skin colour
– Skin density
– Skin acidity (pH)
– State of the vascular tissues
– Time of sun exposure
– Medication(s)
(Note: A sunblock product must be applied to the treated areas to ensure longevity)

Did you know?

The different techniques of dermopigmentation or permanent make-up:

Our Dermopigmentologist Specialist, Josée Gagnon explains.

3 Techniques, called: the Permanent Make-up, the Microblading and the Nanoblaging “new”.

Permanent makeup: This ‘is indeed a tattoo done with a needle device like at the tattoo shop. Several years ago, permanent make-up was done with anchors. The durability of this make-up was several decades, but the colors turned green or blue with time. It was the primary color of the anchor that stood out over the years. Many people remember permanent make-up as a bad memory. Very dark “Sharpie” style eyebrows or turning the wrong color permanently.

Today, permanent make-up has evolved a lot. In fact, we no longer use ink, but natural pigments. Although the name permanent has remained, the make-up will not last more than 3 to 5 years, depending on the color chosen. The paler the pigment, the faster it will fade and in the sun caught on the skin without sun protection.

People are often left with the impression that an eyebrow done with permanent make-up is is just a full and dark eyebrow. It’s up to us to educate them and show them that it’s possible to apply all the all the natural colors of an eyebrow hair by hair.

What I like the least to see, is the result of eyebrows done only with permanent make-up: Hairs created with the needle are much bigger than with microblading or nanobading. The work is less natural and with time, the pigment diffuses under the skin and the hairs drawn no longer appear.
Over time, the appearance of the eyebrow becomes a solid line. With all the techniques that exist, I recommend permanent make-up on eyebrows that have already had permanent make-up or for eyebrow corrections with camouflage techniques.

For the eyes and lips, the only technique I recommend is permanent make-up. Although it is possible to do it with a blade (microblading), it does not mean that it is the right choice. The safest and most long term choice is definitely with a needle (permanent make-up).

I often get comments like, “I did my eyes, it was very painful and it didn’t last”. Personally, I use lidocaine at 14% concentration, which is a dose similar to what the dentist use. If the person responds well at the dentist’s office, then they will receive a comfortable treatment with me.

For how long the pigments last: It is true that it goes away very quickly. Fortunately, after many years of trying and training everywhere and every year, I have found pigments that last a very long time.
The black used for eyes is 5 to 10 years. It is the best investment as a
permanent make-up.

Microblading or nanoblading: This is actually a set of tiny needles applied in the form of micro and nano blades. It’s the same thing, except that the nano forms patterns extremely fine hairs.

To whom are these 2 techniques addressed:

If I have to use only the nanoblading, it will be on people who no longer have eyebrows or on
dark (black) skin. Often, their hairs are very fine and requires a work of precision work. If I have to use only microblading, it will be on people who already have a good amount of eyebrows or on Asian-type hairs. In general, I use 80% of the time of the time, I use the 2 techniques, the micro for the first part of the eyebrow and the nano for the end of the of the eyebrow. This is what gives a flawless and natural job.

How long does a micro or nano makeup last? Depending on the pigment chosen, Between 6 months and 2 years. Many places use so-called good quality pigments, but many complain of almost erased eyebrow color changes that give a pink, mauve or pale orange appearance. Rest assured, the advantage of having an experienced technician technician is that I have already banned several brands of pigment. I use several different brands for for different colors. This is not easy to find, but over the years I have found the best ones from each brand.

For lips, it’s the same challenge. Saliva makes the color fade faster and everyone will tell you it doesn’t hold. Luckily, I have my reliable pigments. (Mine last for over 3 years). By the way, we received the new colors. The trend is to go natural. All my pigments are renewed every 4 to 6 months. This is very important because renewal is part of the longevity of makeup and this factor is very neglected in the Institute.

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