Everyone dreams of having feet as smooth as a baby’s. Unsightly and embarrassing, corns are nevertheless a perfectly natural protective phenomenon. But it’s not impossible to get rid of them to keep your feet healthy without causing this hardened skin to split open, leading to painful cracks. Is it possible to permanently get rid of them?

Why do corns appear on your feet?

As opposed to other parts of the body, the feet don’t have pilosebaceous glands and therefore aren’t protected from dehydration by sebum. The skin keeps producing keratin (skin cells), which builds up in thick layers and forms corns under your feet, protecting them from shocks while you’re walking. But even if you don’t walk much, the phenomenon occurs naturally. Rough and slightly elastic, corns on your feet might end up splitting open, causing painful and unattractive cracks. Bacteria can then build up on them. It’s best to treat them immediately.

How to deal with the problem and possibly permanently eliminate it

There are several methods, including some that use natural products. You just have to remember that this phenomenon is programmed into your body and that you should care for your feet every day and regularly to permanently eliminate this problem. What’s so bad about taking care of your feet, which – let’s not forget – are our body’s method of transportation?

Natural methods

There are several ways to eliminate corns on your feet using natural products. Here are two proven methods.

Method #1:

  • Take a foot bath in warm, soapy water for about fifteen minutes
  • Dry your feet well
  • Apply a mixture of lemon juice and a spoonful of Vaseline to the damaged areas
  • Wait a few minutes and keep your feet warm by wearing socks
  • Apply the same mixture to the thickened areas
  • Rinse

Method #2:

  • Soak your feet in warm water mixed with cider vinegar (one-third / two-thirds) and a bit of glycerin (1 part per 20)
  • Remove (but not too forcefully!) the softened corn with a massage glove, pumice stone, or grater
  • Massage the thickest parts every morning or night with the nourishing oil of your choice: apricot oil, avocado oil, argan oil, shea butter, macadamia nut oil, or sesame oil

Complete treatments

To truly keep your feet looking smooth, we recommend getting a complete foot treatment every month from a certified technician.

Complete foot treatments let your feet get a checkup and give them a very pleasant sensation.

Exfoliating stockings

Yes, they exist! They slip on like little plastic bags filled with a viscous gel. Plan to relax and do nothing for an hour, the time it takes for the product to work, since it’s not recommended to walk in these stockings. When you take the stockings off, you just have to rinse them well. The skin will start to peel a few days after the treatment. You don’t need to pull at the dead skin; it will fall off on its own.

Exfoliating stockings can be found online. They contain lactic acid, algae extracts, glycolic acid, alcohol, and plant extracts. With their high concentration of fruit acids (AHA), we recommend wearing them once every month or two.

So what’s the secret? There’s just one: take care of your feet! Moisturizing (especially in the summer) and using foot baths will help you take care of this body part without too much effort. Regularly moisturizing with a cream or oil also lets you slow the formation of new corns on your feet.

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