Are you sensitive to waxing? You’re not ready for laser hair removal or this is not the ideal solution for your hair or skin type?
Don’t panic, there’s an alternative: Anti-Hair Regrowth Creams!

Whether it’s for a face cream, body cream or deodorant, Hélène will explain how Anti-Hair Regrowth Creams work through the Guinot Dépil Logic collection.



Retranscription of the video : “Anti-Hair regrowth creams: How does it work?”

Anti-Hair regrowth cream : How does it work?

EQlib answers your questions.
Hello, this is Hélène from EQlib Medispa. Today I’m talking about anti hair regrowth products. Does it really work?
YES ! It really works very well and it works on all candidates without exception. I’ll tell you a little bit about the results later, which will vary from person to person.

First of all, how does anti-hair regrowth cream work?  The Dépil Logic Guinot collection, here is plant extracts based.
There are several brands on the market but I’m going to talk about that one today. It has an active ingredient called bulbaïne, from natural plant extracts of papaya, lemon and seaweed, so it has no side effects on the skin. What will it do? It will penetrate to the hair root and will destructure the keratin which forms the hair. So, the hair when it will grow back, first of all it will grow back very slow, much slower.  It will grow back finer, paler and the overall density hair will be reduced.

Who will like these products? All candidates who have problems with shaving, which have very sensitive skin.
It’s important to know that they’re all anti-inflammatory and calming products made to be applied immediately after the shaving or waxing. For all those, who are not good candidates for permanent laser or IPL hair removal, it will greatly reduce the frequency of depilation. For all those who have ingrown hair problems, which require a good hydration of the skin and for everyone who have very rough skin when shaving therefore the fact of refining the hair will make the skin much softer and as I mentioned earlier, will really delay regrowth even when done with shaving.

How to apply anti-hair regrowth products correctly?

So, how does it work for applications and to get the results? Very, very, very important to apply it every day. That’s what will make it work on the root of your hair to slow it down, and to decrease it.

So, the declination of anti-hair regrowth products, you have a face version with a soothing effect that can be applied after waxing.


Crème anti-repousse poils Guinot pour le visage

Guinot Dépil Logic Face Cream Anti-Hair Regrowth

You have a Depil Logic version as deodorant either cream or spray, which will have a dry skin effect but also contain anti-stain ingredients, which will not transfer on your clothes and has a very soothing effect at the same time.
You have the body version that has the soothing formula especially after shaving the legs but also with a formula that will help eliminate ingrown hairs. So, as I was saying, apply it everyday, you’ll get impressive results. They will vary from one candidate to another, but for sure, you’re going to get some!
Thank you.

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