Some battles are harder to win than others! Knocking out an enemy like cellulite is a daily challenge for most women. But by understanding why it forms and applying a few basic rules to support your anti-cellulite treatments, you can finally say checkmate!

Where does cellulite come from anyway ?

The biggest culprit? Hormones! Adipocytes, to be exact. Cells that form like bunches of grapes and give the skin an orange peel texture. Located mainly on the thighs, buttocks and stomach, these cells fill with fat—which is handy for keeping us warm in winter but less so in bikini season!

These cells react strongly to female hormones, especially estrogen. Women’s bodies are designed for pregnancy and estrogen is a hormone that’s closely related, making women more prone to cellulite than men. Of course we’d rather banish cellulite altogether … but it helps a little to know that it’s linked to the survival of humanity!

Want to learn more about the hidden facts of cellulite? The website Une belle peau has gathered all the information you need to know about the symptoms and causes of cellulite.

Rule #1: Drink plenty of water

Raise a glass to the miracle that is H²O! As easy to do as it is accessible, drinking water helps you lose weight and eliminate fat, according to Passeport Santé. Making sure you’re properly hydrated also gives you more energy, helps eliminate toxins, improves digestion and helps to curb hunger. Drinking 1.5 to 2 litres of water a day is therefore a gentle and natural way to boost the efficacy of anti-cellulite treatments.

Rule #2: Cut back on the booze

Because alcohol contains sugars, it quickly stimulates insulin production. This fat storing hormone is strongly influenced by excess calories from sugars, which in turn causes cellulite. Reducing your daily alcohol consumption will help boost the positive effects of anti-cellulite treatments. Time to give this amazing Raspberry Mocktail recipe from Trois Fois par Jour a try!

Rule #3: Crank up the cardio

A good kick-boxing or spinning class does a lot more than make you sweat! It gets your heart rate up, boosts your blood circulation and naturally triggers lymphatic drainage.

The lymphatic system runs throughout the body in parallel to the circulatory system. Unlike the latter, which works as the heart pumps, lymph vessels circulate as we move and contract our muscles. The more active you are, the more efficiently your lymphatic system can drain tissues and transport lipids from food, which are then filtered by the lymph nodes. And there you have it … the secret to burning fat!

When you’re following an intensive anti-cellulite program, we recommend you hit pause on weight training and step up your cardio for the first 2 to 3 weeks. This will help to eliminate fat that’s trapped in your connective tissues (a.k.a. your muscles).

Rule #4: Cut back on salty and spicy foods

When it comes to salt and spice, moderation is key. Some people are more sensitive than others, and eating too much salt and spice can lead to water retention and digestive issues. If you know you’re sensitive to them, try to avoid them as best you can to see faster results.
Visit the Canal Vie website for all you need to know about the causes and symptoms of water retention.

Rule 5: Choose the right cream

It’s important to choose the right anti-cellulite products for you and to understand how to apply them properly. To maximize your treatments, you’ll first need to identify the issue you’re dealing with or have it assessed by a professional.
Anti-cellulite treatments are designed for the long term, so you’ll need to give them time to work. If you start your treatment plan in January, you can expect to see results around May.

The 4 main families of anti-cellulite treatments

1. Drainage treatments: to treat water retention and help with water/fat elimination
2. Localized treatments: for very targeted cellulite that’s linked to your body type (upper knees, outer thighs, etc.)
3. Global treatments:to treat more widespread cellulite over a longer period of time, directly on the connective tissue
4. Finishing treatments: to smooth, lightly drain and firm the skin (when we lose weight, we can also lose tone so everything needs to be firmed up!).

Tips for every type of cellulite:

1. For circulation or water retention issues: opt for draining products like Esthederm Intensif Glauscine Serum or Esthederm Intensif Glauscine Cream, starting with at-home treatment for 2 to 4 weeks

2. For highly localized cellulite: start with serums like Phytomer Celluli-Attack, Phytomer Lotion P5 or Esthederm Morpho Fitness for 2 to 4 weeks.

3. For global treatments around the thighs, stomach and buttocks, maintain long-term results with products including:

Phytomer Resurfacontour: anti-cellulite, exfoliating and firming action
Phytomer Morpho Designer Contouring Crystal Emulsion: anti-cellulite and firming action
Guinot Chrono Logic Slimming Cream: for deep and stubborn cellulite
Guinot Slim Logic Slimming Cream: anti-cellulite and slimming action

4. To maintain results from hydrating and firming the treated areas, look for all-season products with slimming effects such as:

a. Guinot Sculpt Expert Cream Reshaping and Firming
b. Esthederm Absolute Firming-Contouring Body Care
c. Esthederm Extra-Firming Hydrating Lotion

To achieve significant results, you’ll need to be patient and let time work it’s magic. It typically takes several weeks or even months of consistent treatment to achieve your goal. Try to stay zen and remember carpe diem!

Rule #6: Be consistent!

Beating the cellulite battle is a marathon, not a sprint. Cellulite has a habit of sticking around, so you should try to learn to embrace it! Make treating your cellulite a habit and incorporate it into your daily beauty routine.

Think of it like taking care of your teeth. You brush and floss everyday, then you visit the dentist once or twice a year for more in-depth treatments. The same applies for cellulite. Follow your treatment plan at home, and consider visiting a professional for more intensive treatments (lymphatic drainage, Guinot Technispa, or medical treatments with radio frequencies and ultrasound like Exilis Ultra).

On a daily basis, discipline is key. Apply your products at home twice a day when you start your treatment, and once a day for maintenance.
In short, your routine should go something like this: move more, eat and drink right, choose the treatments that best suit you, meditate to stay calm … and repeat! Adopting healthy lifestyle habits is good for you body and your mind!

Hélène Leblond

  • Attack phase :

Esthederm Glauscine Serum


Phytomer Celluli-Attack 


Phytomer P5 Lotion

  • Transition phase :

Phytomer Morpho Designer
Contouring Crystal Emulsion


Guinot Chrono Logic
Slimming CReam


Guinot Slim Logic
Slimming Cream

  • Maintenance phase :

Guinot Sculpt Expert
Cream Reshaping and Firming


Esthederm Absolute Firming
Contouring Body Care


Esthederm Extra-Firming
Hydrating Lotion

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