What are the most effective anti-cellulite products ? How to find the most effective anti-cellulite product according to your type of cellulite ?

Adipose cellulite, aqueous cellulite, water retention, there’re many different terms to talk about our cellulite or the famous orange peel skin that can annoy us when summer arrives. It’s the same with the different anti-cellulite creams that exist on the market.

Hélène explains it all to you with the Phytomer anti-cellulite products. Stay till the end and get tips to boost your results !


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What are the most effective anti-cellulite products ?  

EQlib answers your questions.
“Hello, this is Hélène from EQlib. Today, we’re talking about anti-cellulite products ! So, you probably took it easy, throughout the winter, but now the nice days arrive and you think : Oops! I have
to take care of it ! No problem, we’ll explain to you how. I chose the Phytomer collection with its different types of anti-cellulite products, for different types of cellulite and we’re going to introduce you to them, right away.


Phytomer Lotion P5 

Let’s start with Phytomer Lotion Serum P5 Concentrate which is intended for localized bulges. We are talking about the saddlebags, love handles, a bit of fat above the knees and thighs.
It will work super hard on the fat deposits so we say it’s addressed for adipose cellulite, for fatty deposits. It’s also addressed for a cellulite that has been well established since long time, that is rebellious, that you’ll feel when you touch it, painful to finger pressure, even when you sit down, really that’s why we say it’s hyper concentrated, hyper efficient.



Phytomer Celluli Attack Serum

Now I’m talking about Celluli Attack, an ultra concentrated serum, which addresses rebellious areas, adipose and aqueous cellulite. So, it will have a real smoothing effect for the dimples that we commonly call orange peel skin.
For those who have an harder cellulite, installed since a longer time, with circulation problems in legs, water retention and fat accumulation too, it’s really the Celluli Attack that you need. Just take note that it’s not recommended for pregnant women.


ResurfaContour by Phytomer

We’re now talking about ResurfaContour, a 2 in 1 product for people in a hurry, beautiful ! It will be very very moisturizing, it will have an exfoliating effect but in this exfoliating effect there will be a regenerating effect. So, it will improve elastic fibers of the skin, will firm up slightly, at the same time it will work on fat cells, so on the whole effect of the dimpled skin, of the orange peel skin.
It will smooth and treat the skin for a recent cellulite, not there for too long 6 months to 2 years. We are not talking about a cellulite that is really deep or indurated, so it’s a fairly light cellulite.


Phytomer Morpho Designer 

I’m now talking about the Morpho Designer.
The Morpho Designer is really for people who have water retention, heavy legs, lack of firmness, which with the orange peel skin effect, will look a bit unattractive. The Morpho Designer will reshape the contours of the body and help the drainage of water retention. So, it will be perfect either on light cellulite at the beginning of a treatment or really after having done the P5 and the Celluli Attack. Doing it in maintenance at the end of deeper treatment to keep the good results got from other treatments.
And don’t forget that it’s not recommended for pregnant women.


Oligomer Pur by Phytomer

Finally, let me tell you about Oligomer Pur, a product that is amazing. It’s freeze-dried seawater, which is pure seawater patented by Phytomer. You put this powder form seawater in your bath, and you stay in for about 15 minutes.
When you get out of the bath, you wrap yourself in a warm bathrobe that you’ll keep for about ten minutes before applying your cellulite creams. You can do this all year round, two to three times a week. It will quintuple and boost the effects of all your other cellulite products and greatly increase the effectiveness as well as benefit from a health effect.
It’s full of trace elements and minerals to give you back energy, it’s the ultimate little product.

 Phytomer Oligomer® PURE – Lyophilized Seawater Bath

Phytomer Oligomer® PURE – Lyophilized Seawater Bath


Hélène’s tips

Now that we have talked about all these great anti-cellulite treatments, the key to success is obviously not to keep the tubes as decoration in your bathroom ! It’s extremely important to apply your anti-cellulite treatment twice a day every day, and preferably year-round.
So not only from spring to summer to have beautiful legs, you’ll get way better results if you use it all the time. When you start a shock treatment, don’t hesitate to change your treatment during the year when you got the desired results.

One more thing that will greatly increase the results of your treatments, is to exfoliate practically every day. The product will penetrate much better you’ll stimulate the microcirculation and have much better results.

Then if you’re in doubt, you’re not sure, don’t hesitate to call us, to make an appointment for a free consultation, either by videoconference or at the clinic. It will be our pleasure to help you!
See you soon, bye bye.”

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