Rose water is one of the most ancient cosmetics and it’s not for nothing!

A watery jewel used since antiquity, this rose water is in fact the ideal cosmetic. It treats the skin, rejuvenates, pampers, heals and beautifies it, not to mention its relaxing and comforting scent. Discover with Hélène the benefits of rose water for the face skin.


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What are the benefits of rose water?

EQlib answers your questions.
“Hello, this is Helene from EQlib.
Today I’m talking about a product that is essential, that we should all have at home: Rose Water.
My clients regularly ask me : if I had only one product to choose from all the products I work with or use, what would I really choose? Really only one: which one would it be?
Well, for the last 30 years, I’ve been always coming back to the same product, which is Rose Water !
Let me explain in six steps, why?

1/ It cleans deeply

First reason : An excellent skin cleanser !
The rose petals that are distilled will give a very light water, mild but bactericidal at the same time and which will have a slightly astringent effect to tighten the pores of the skin. Rose water cleansers are available in several forms: milk, lotion, balm, oil.

2/ Moisturizing

Second reason: It’s very hydrating, it will smooth, revitalize, give radiance to the skin and it’s magic for sensitive skin. Find it in the best rose water creams.

3/ Anti-aging

Third reason: It will preserve the youth of your skin. It is a product that is very rich in antioxidant ingredients.
Antioxidants are ingredients, small molecules that prevent the degradation of your skin cells over time, so, it will have an anti-aging effect.

4/ Bactericide

Fourth reason: It has antibacterial and healing properties for all skin types that tend to be a bit oily or even sensitive with redness, small pimples or healing blemishes it’s the perfect ingredient and product in tonic lotion!

5/ Anti-radical

Fifth reason : rose water has very powerful anti-free radical properties. In every situations where you’re exposed to UV light, whether it’s for children or adults, by arriving home at the end of the day, put your rose water in a spray bottle, and spray all over your face and body. It will soothe, calm and moisturize the skin almost automatically.

6/ Helps puffy eyes

Sixth reason: A famous product for the eyes for those who have dark circles, puffiness: it’s perfect! Keep your rose water in a cool place. When you need some put it on small cotton pads and
you apply the cotton pads on the eyes, keep it on for 5 to 10 minutes.
Afterwards, you’ll see puffiness smoothed out, dark circles reduced, the eye contour is radiant and moisturized at the same time: it’s perfect!


Rosée Visage : Water Rose of Phytomer

After all these reasons, I am going to present you my favorite of all the rose waters I have tried in the last 30 years, it’s the one from Phytomer called the Rosée Visage.
The reason is simple, Phytomer has developed a rose water that is enriched with freeze-dried seawater, pure seawater. All the reasons I gave you earlier are improved by this sea water, so the properties are even more powerful: which makes it an amazing product.


A very interesting fact is that a bottle like this one of Rosée Visage is sold every four minutes in the world !
You have four minutes to find yours on , free shipping across Canada.

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