Anti-wrinkle creams, at what age should you start using it?

Best anti-wrinkle creams, according to age?

There’s no magic formula to combat wrinkles.  As we age, we need to ask ourselves what specific creams and treatments we should be using. Let’s dive deeper into this all-important question, so you have all the tools and knowledge you need to take care of your skin at every age.

Anti-wrinkle care at 20: it’s all about prevention

When you’re in your twenties, you’re in the prime of your life! Your skin is still firm and elastic, your dermis regenerates quickly and efficiently, and the effects of external aggressors aren’t showing yet. But just like you’d take care of a precious new piece of silk clothing, your twenties is the time to take extra special care of your skin to preserve its vitality for as long as possible.

Prepare your skin for tomorrow, while you’re still young.

Your skin is closely tied to genetics, and it’s in your twenties that the first effects of aging—from things like the environment, stress and lack of sleep—start to kick in, even if you can’t see them yet! Bottom line? Act now to protect and preserve your skin before those signs of aging start to appear.

Your 20s mantra: moisturize every day!

Want fresh, glowing skin? It’s all about TLC and plenty of water! No matter your age, healthy skin is well nourished skin. Just as we’re taught from a young age to eat three nutritious meals a day, it’s never too early to start a healthy facial care routine.
Nourishing your skin starts with making sure it’s well hydrated, and nothing does the job like water-based creams. They provide plenty of hydration as well as an antioxidant barrier . to protect against external aggressors, helping maintain your skin’s density and youthful glow.

3 water-based creams to keep your skin hydrated every day:

Anti-wrinkle care at 30: slowly but surely

In your thirties, you have the best of both worlds: the wisdom of experience combined with the beauty of youth. Full-on wrinkles haven’t set in yet, but the effects of time are slowly starting to make their mark. This is the decade that fine lines first start to appear—those pretty laughter and surprise lines that show you’ve lived life to the fullest!

Gentle treatments for 30-something skin
To slow down these first signs of aging, stock up on gentle creams with formulas and ingredients adapted for your needs—which are still pretty limited at this age.

3 creams for 30-somethings to plump, oxygenate and redensify the skin: 

Anti-wrinkle care at 40: reach for the right ingredients

Turning 40 marks an important turning point in every woman’s life. You’ve mastered the art of juggling career and family life, and you’re more comfortable in your skin than ever before. You know how important it is to take care of yourself, and that same self-care extends to the skin. Life experiences, the effects of the sun and pollution, and certain lifestyle choices have all started to show on the skin in the form of pigmentation spots and more noticeable wrinkles.

Your skincare triple threat: retinol, vitamin C and hyaluronic acid

To counteract the loss of density and collagen in your skin, look for treatments that promote and accelerate cell renewal to help reduce the depth of wrinkles, like retinol-based creams and serums.

Vitamin C is another invaluable ally, helping to stimulate collagen, rebalance pigmentation and protect the skin from the harmful effects of free radicals.
And finally, hyaluronic acid is an ingredient you need in your skincare arsenal. Like a reservoir of water, it’s essential tool in collagen and elastin production, which helps ensure a youthful, dense and plumped-up appearance.

3 essential creams for your 40s that contain these key active ingredients:

Anti-wrinkle care at 50: hormones lead the way

Our fifties are a period of calm and fulfilment but also big changes. With the onset of menopause, this is a transitional decade when we women experience a significant decline in estrogen production. 

Besides the everyday effects like hot flashes and mood swings, hormonal imbalances can accelerate skin aging—a phenomenon explained in this Time Magazine article. Fatty acids, collagen and elastin all slow down the production of bio-identical hormones, modifying the structure of your face and leaving your skin more fragile, dull and dry.

Embrace the changes in your 50s with targeted skincare

Now’s the time to really listen to the new needs of your body and skin, to understand what’s happening on the hormonal level and to arm yourself with beauty tools specifically designed for this stage of life. Dig a little deeper and learn about the specific roles of creams, serums, treatments and anti-aging ingredients with combined effects, especially for the delicate areas around the eyes, neck and chest.

3 lifting, nourishing and re-densifying creams to use in your 50s:

Anti-wrinkle care in your 60s, 70s, 80s and over: gently does it

When you reach a certain age, you settle in to a gentler approach to yourself and the world around you. You’ve learned to appreciate life’s simple pleasures, you’ve accepted the passage of time, and you’re finally at ease with the body you’re in. It’s important to treat the skin on your face with the same gentle approach, to respect its natural evolution and continue to care for it to maintain elasticity, firmness and radiance. 

Protect, stimulate and take care of your skin every day

To protect your fragile skin against external aggressors, look for creams that protect the Langerhans cells, the gatekeepers of your skin’s immune system. Keep an eye out for products containing Longhevitine, an algae extract that recreates elastic fibres, stimulates collagen synthesis and promotes the production of the proteins responsible for your facial architecture.
Finally, to minimize deeper wrinkles, look for high-tech active complexes that optimize the natural function of your skin’s stem cells.

3 creams to take care of your skin starting in your 60s:

Taking care of the delicate skin on your face is essential as you age. It’s a moment to stop and take note of the effects of time on your skin, and a chance to treat yourself to some well-deserved self-care every day. With the right tools, this skincare ritual makes all the difference to the way you age—inside and out. And if you need personalized advice to find the best skincare products for you, don’t hesitate to book a consultation at EQlib Medispa!

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