Bombarded by external meteorological aggressions, fatigue, stress, pollution, and aging, our complexion can quickly become stifled and our skin can fade. To rediscover a superb healthy glow and quickly revitalize your features, there’s nothing better than taking care of your skin. From facial treatments at a beauty centre to daily treatments at home, fast, effective, morale-boosting solutions exist.

Skin exfoliation

To thoroughly clean your skin, purify it, and brighten your face all in one go, an exfoliating treatment is the best option. At home using an exfoliating product or a gentle face scrub, or at a beauty centre, it’s possible to quickly rediscover smooth skin that reflects light again without any dead skin. You can exfoliate your face once a week to rid your skin of impurities. This can also be followed by a moisturizing mask to enhance the facial treatment.

Peeling treatments

With the peeling technique, it’s possible to smooth and even out your face and improve its radiance in just one complete treatment. Primarily made of glycolic acid (fruit acid), this chemical exfoliation lets you eliminate dead cells from the surface of your skin in order to boost cellular regeneration. You can brighten up your face and prevent aging in just 4 to 8 sessions at your favourite beauty centre. It’s best to have this kind of treatment done in the winter, which is the best season to revitalize your skin without the risk of pigmentation associated with the sun.

Face massages

To boost blood microcirculation, revitalize your features, relieve stress, and rediscover a healthy glow, a face massage is recommended. This little gymnastics routine for your face lets you oxygenate the tissues and eliminate the toxins responsible for a greying complexion. Using your best face oil or your anti-blemish cream filled with antioxidants, it’s possible to perform little self-massages at home. Otherwise, we recommend getting a face massage at a beauty centre at each change of the seasons to give your complexion back its natural glow.

Collagen treatments

To give a youthful glow to your face, and to look like you just got back from vacation, consider collagen treatments performed at your beauty centre. In just an hour, your face will look more rested, calm, and luminous thanks to the ionization, high-frequency effluvation, and shaping of the collagen gel. These treatments are especially recommended for dull and mature skin, since, besides giving your skin back its radiance and elasticity, they also reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.


A natural, manual wellness therapy involving pressing targeted pressure points with the fingers, acupressure stimulates energy points, improves circulation, and gently tones the skin. This treatment method is recommended for dull skin, since it makes the skin brighter and more toned and helps release the stress built up in the face.


Finally, in addition to all these facial treatments, which can be carried out at home or at a beauty centre, a diet rich in vitamins will also improve your complexion. Some foods to focus on include: citrus and exotic fruits, for their high vitamin C content; foods high in magnesium, such as water and chocolate; foods that contain zinc, such as eggs or shellfish; and other foods that are good for the skin, such as artichokes, black radishes, spinach, cabbage, and grapes.

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