“Adolescence” often comes with crazy hormones and acne problems.

Here’s how to help you get through this period and control your skin problems.
Helene explains in 3 EASY STEPS how to take back control of your skin and fight Teenage Acne !


Retranscription of the video : “Teenage Acne: 3 steps to take back control of your skin”


Teenage Acne: how to take back control of your skin in 3 steps?

EQlib answers your questions.
“Hello, this is Hélène from EQlib. Today I’m talking about teenage acne for 12 to 16 year olds.
We have a lot of parents who contact us to help them recommend a skin care routine for their teenagers and fight acne pimples. First of all, you have to know that acne at that age is quite normal.
It’s due to hormones going wild and they’re explosive. So keep track, we’re going to recommend a simple three-step routine to help you take back control.

Step 1 : Wash

Step number 1 : super important step!
So, we recommend a mild cleanser that will not dry the skin, it’s important, so that the skin doesn’t become sensitive. A cleanser that will control the bacteria, so that cleans the bad bacteria, but that keeps the good bacteria. This is important because this is what will allow a good healing of the skin and avoid other breakout of acne pimples to appear. The cleanser that I suggest here, is from Clarity.
It’s a very easy to use foam. A small pump in the hand, you emulsify very well your face, massage for about 10 seconds and rinse with a washcloth or in the shower to get a good cleansing.

Step 2 : Exfoliate

Step 2 : exfoliate !
Super important step because this is what will help your skin to breathe, get rid of the dead skin cells.
We don’t want the skin cells to clog the pores and create new pimples so, you have to do it daily. In the format that we have here with Clarity, it’s like a tonic lotion that’s very easy to use: a little pump like this, you spread it all over your face right after cleansing step cleansing step and it’s done!

Step 3 : Moisturize

Step number 3 : Very important to moisturize your skin. So, moisturizing allows you to keep the skin supple, to allow it to renew itself easily, to prevent clogging pores and to keep a good bacterial flora. So,
the good bacteria on the surface of the skin to fight pimples. The Clarity collection offers us a cream that is important that it is oil-free, water-based, but this one has something special: the active ingredient is tea tree oil, which is very bactericidal.
You tell your teenager to apply a small dab of it, all over the face maybe need to put it on a little bit on the neck for the guys when the beard starts to grow and it’s done.


The Clarity box

The three steps I just present to you are specially prepared in a box for your teenager. To get the desired results and fight teenage acne, it’s very important that your teenager does this routine in the morning and evening every day! This is really the secret of success. To return to the box, there is a little bonus inside: a product to put on the pimples that come out at the last minute.
Apply in the evening it will help to heal them, make them dry up quickly and get rid of them.


Hélène’s advice

To finish, two little tips:

– First clean your pillowcases every other day. Why? Imagine that you have an acne breakout, you come in at night, you go to bed, you sleep, even with your skin cleaned, during the whole
night, 7 hours, 8 hours, the bacteria continue to proliferate, and will stay on your pillowcase.
The next day you leave, you come back, if you have not changed your pillowcase or you haven’t cleaned it; well, yes you have cleaned your skin before going to sleep but you lie down on a pillowcase again that was soiled the night before with bacteria.
So, it’s very important to change it every other day. We sleep on one side once, we turn it, we sleep the other night on the other side and after that we clean it.

– Second advice: please, don’t touch your face, imagine that you have hands full of bacteria, that you touch yourself, so you’re adding it to your skin. The other thing is, if you have pimples and you touch them or scratch them so you get some bacteria on your fingers, you’re going to touch your face somewhere else afterwards and you’re like a vehicle to get pimples elsewhere on your face to keep feeding that acne.

So that’s two very important little things to help you take control and fight acne. Thank you very much!”

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