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Ideal Smart, a state-of-the-art intelligent – smart scale designed for Ideal Protein, unravels the weight loss mystery.
You can accurately measure and track your progress with intuitive and informative graphs detailing your weight loss experience step by step with the Ideal Protein Weight Loss Protocol.

The Ideal Smart scale connects to your phone via Bluetooth.
As soon as you step on the scale, the scale automatically calculates your weight, body fat percentage, hydration percentage and BMI. (Body Mass Index)
These measurements are then automatically uploaded to the Ideal Protein App. Each of your weigh-in’s is automatically saved in your Ideal Protein App.
Your certified coach and technician, Tania Joseph ( will be able to follow up with you, even at a distance, and will be able to propose appointments by videoconference to advise you and guide you in your weight maintenance or weight loss journey.

The Ideal Smart scale is configured to be synchronized with the Ideal Protein App. It can also be used without the application.


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