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The lines end here ! With NūFace Fix : feather away fine lines. Plump – Smooth – Tighten

Power up your beauty routine by instantly targeting fine lines using a “feathering” technique with the NūFace Fix Line Smoothing Device.
About the size of a pen, it uses gentle microcurrents to plump, smooth and tighten skin in just three minutes.
Use it around the eyes, mouth and forehead.

Included :
– NūFace Fix Line Smoothing Device
NūFace Fix Line Smoothing Serum 7,4ml
– Protective Cap
– Micro USB cable
– User Manual

Cleanse the face and apply ‘Line Smoothing Serum’.
Glide device around the eyes, mouth, forehead and nasolabial folds using feathering technique (a quick erasing motion).
Use no more than three minutes around each area.
Use five times a week, switching to two to three times after 60 days.
Massage any excess serum into skin.


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