Guinot Lift Summum Treatment

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SMOOTHS the skin, RESHAPES the face contour & FIRMS the décolleté

Firming treatments with instant results that are visible as soon as the treatment is over.
Overall effectiveness: in all areas of concern (face, neck, décolleté)

#1 The eraser is applied with low pressure in the wrinkle crease
The Hyaluronic Acid placed in the grooves of the wrinkles acts deep down, visibly filling the creases.

# 2 Enzymes and fruit acids remove dead skin cells and smooth the skin through a combination of mechanical and enzymatic actions

#3 the modelage firms and lifts the skin and redefine the face contour
Reduce the appearance of wrinkles and smooth the eye contour area, forehead, ala of the nose and décolleté
Exerts both mechanical (application, manoeuvres) and biological (formula) actions

#4 The mask tightens the skin, redefine the face contour and provide an instant lifting effect

Results :
-Tighten the skin
-Firm, lift and restore elasticity
-Redefine the face contour

Duration : 75 minutes
Recommendation : monthly or cure of 3 treatments

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