Esthederm Intensif Glauscine Serum


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This serum is a one month renewable program, specific for infiltrated cellulite. It acts on stubborn cellulite with water retention. Ideal for heavy legs and skin prone to spider veins.

Molecule derived from active ingredients found in poppy flowers and horse chestnut seeds known for their potent effectiveness. Glauscine is therefore an ally of choice given its overall ultra-effective action. Better drained and less fatty, skin is firmer

Glauscine, an association of plant extracts (Glaucine anti-fat and Escine anti-water) is the new ally of choice for its ultra-effective action on the two main causes of encrusted or infiltrated cellulite.

Rebelious cellulite program : A record concentration of active draining ingredients for water retention induced cellulite. An ideal fresh gel for “heavy legs” and deep tissue massage.

Improve your results by using a Dermaroller Beauty Mouse with  Esthederm Glauscine Serum.

200 ml Tube

Apply morning and evening to affected areas


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