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Contributes to deprogramme the logic of cellular ageing
Guinot Age Logic Cellulaire Body Cream combats aging by preventing wrinkles and fine lines from maturing. Adenosine triphosphate supplies energy to cells, while Actinergie supports cellular oxygenation to help boost cell oxygen consumption and stimulate metabolism. These scientifically-advanced ingredients provide aged cells with the energy of youthful cells, creating a healthy, radiant glow.

Energises and revitalises skin cells
Rejuvenates the appearance of the face
Restores the radiance and vitality of a more youthful complexion

ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate): stores and delivers the energy needed for vital cell functions.
Actinergie: increases cellular oxygenation through the mitochondria by stimulating their metabolism.
Cellular Life Complex with 56 Active Ingredients: supplies the elements required for cellular life and regeneration.
Vitamins E and C + Anti-glycation agents: combat the formation of free radicals and the glycation phenomenon

50 ml bottle

Apply to the entire body in the morning and evening using circular movements.

ATP, Actinergie, Vitamin C & E, Active Anti-Glycation Agent, Cellular Life Complex, Alaria Esculenta Seaweed Extract, Hydrocyte Complex, Passion Flower Oil, Shea Butter.


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