175 75 minutes

You wonder : Can my skin be treated with microdermabrasion?

Are you someone who wants a radiant, young and healthy skin? Marin Collagen microdermabrasion is for you right in the heart of Montreal, .

This “haute gamme” exfoliating treatment adapts to all types of skin, yes, yes even sensitive skin. 🙂

The microdermabrasion procedure consists of removing dead skin cells  by using a device that exfoliates with sterilized sand (corundum). The effects are visible. You’ll notice a lightening of the brown spots, the improvement of fine lines and softer skin following the cellular regeneration stimulated by the treatment.

Overall, microdermabrasion will stimulate the renewal of collagen, which will improve the quality and radiance of your skin.

One last step, but not the least of this procedure, is the application of a marine collagen sheet or a concentrated vitamin C mask, which will allow the lasting results of your treatment.Vitamin C and Collagen are amazing skin boosters. We suggest that you help maintain your results with this home regimen recommendation :
Esthederm Intensive Retinol Cream
Esthederm Intensive Vitamin C Cream
Guinot Lift Summum Cream
Seacret Restore Face Serum

At EQlib we chose the Mattioli Ultrapeel technology to perform our microdermabrasion treatments. Medical equipment that is used with sterile corundum.

Microdermabrasion can also be performed on other areas, such as: the cleavage, hands and back. It works also in perfect combination with Chemical Peel. Ask our specialists for your personalized program.

Recommendation: course of 4 to 6