Who are we ?

Passionate about beauty care and health, Josée Chartrand and Hélène Leblond joined forces in 1998. The salon then soon transformed into a true beauty and health center.

In 2005, the prestigious center became EQlib Medispa and offers a unique range of services in the heart of Montreal with a multidisciplinary team of specialists and therapists:

All are under the same banner. This way, clients have access to personalized care and quality service provided by specialists at all times.

At EQlib, everything is focused on long-term results and the well-being of clients. 
Whether it’s cellulite or firming body treatments, anti-aging facials, weight management and weight loss or fashionable hair styles,
you are surrounded by the best to be treated, supported and advised to achieve your health, beauty and lifestyle goals for a long time.

Entrée EQlib


Helene Leblond - Beautician and Co-owner of EQlib

Hélène, beautician and co-owner of EQlib

With more than 30 years of experience in aesthetics, Hélène Leblond, co-owner of EQlib, is there to assist her clients in every aspect of their well-being. Fueled by human interaction, she carries out her work as a manager while still taking care of her clients in the salon. Her favorite treatments? Everything related to new technologies. Microneedling, IPL, paramedical aesthetics, laser, fractional laser: she thrives on renewing herself and remains on top of the new procedures emerging on the market.

Identifying primarily as an entrepreneur, Hélène combined a job in a big-box store with the development of her private practice at home, right after completing her esthetician training. She went on to rent a space in a hair salon, and then joined forces with her friend Josée Chartrand in 1998 to found what would become EQlib. Their mission is to accompany and educate people, while providing them with the necessary tools to achieve optimal well-being.
Hélène is an active woman who loves working out, sharing and meeting new people. She welcomes people into her home as she does into her beauty centre: with open arms. As her customers often say, you feel at home at EQlib!

Josée, esthetician and co-owner of EQlib

Esthetician since 1988, Josée Chartrand, co-owner of EQlib, accompanies her clients in their quest for greater well-being. To do so, she provides personalized and complete treatments, educates on the best habits to adopt and refers clients to the appropriate resources within the facility. Her signature services are technological treatments for acne and anti-aging care. Her clientele is as diverse as teenagers and women who want to preserve their skin from the effects of aging.

An entrepreneur at heart, Josée launches her business at the age of 18. Although her business starts out small, she joins forces with her friend Hélène in 1998 to found what would become EQlib, a place where clients are taken care of from A to Z. From aesthetics to nutrition to hairdressing, everyone receives personalized care adapted to their needs.
Attentive, sociable and with a good sense of humor, Josée is a team player who likes to be surrounded. She lives her dream every day: to be a business owner and to work in a field she is passionate about: aesthetics.

Josée, esthetician and co-owner of EQlib
Francine Racine, esthetician and entrepreneur

Francine, esthetician and entrepreneur

A beautician specialized in medico-esthetic techniques, Francine Racine has been working in the beauty field for almost 35 years. Cellulite treatment, fat loss, radiofrequency, microneedling, firming: her skills are diversified. With her friend and colleague Annie Francescutti, she founded Clinique Illusarium 7 years ago, a company that operates within the EQlib Institute.

After having worked in computer science at the University of Montreal, Francine decides to pursue a career in a field she’s passionate about: aesthetics. Upon completion of her training, she starts her own business and later operates up to five salons. One day, as she was about to close her doors, Hélène and Josée asked her to join them at EQlib, which she accepted. After a two-year detour in a management position at another spa, she returned to EQlib with Annie, her business partner and best friend.
Clinique Illusarium’s mission is to take care of people and contribute to their development through state-of-the-art treatments, while offering them a personalized follow-up. Clinique Illusarium’s equipment complements EQlib’s offer, allowing a successful professional exchange between the two companies.
A lover of tennis, cycling and classical music, Francine takes care of her clients and colleagues like family members: with integrity and respect.

Annie, esthetician and entrepreneur

With over 20 years of experience in the aesthetics field, Annie Francescutti is the co-owner of the Illusarium Clinic at EQlib. She looks after her clients by offering them high-quality care and top of the line technological treatments, such as liposuction without surgery, lifts without surgery, cellulite treatment, scar and skin blemish correction, and the removal of small areas of fat.
Initially working in accounting and disability insurance, her expertise in mathematics now benefits her as a business owner. Following her experiences in a few clinics and aesthetics centres, she founded Clinique Illusarium in 2014 with her friend Francine Racine. Their focus is to offer a personalized service to clients while educating them on the right habits to adopt to take care of their skin.

While continuing to work full time, Annie is currently back to school and completing a nursing technique. Her aim is to expand the services offered at EQlib and to provide injection treatments to clients.
For Annie, aesthetics is nothing less than the most wonderful profession in the world, and the smile in her clients’ eyes is the greatest reward!

Annie Francescutti, esthetician and entrepreneur
Elizabeth Csukly - Esthetician and Reflexologist

Elizabeth, podologist, hand and foot care specialist

With more than 30 years of experience, Elizabeth Csukly is one of EQlib Medispa’s key figures.
With her degrees in podiatry and aesthetics as well as a certificate in reflexology, Elizabeth can help relieve calluses, ingrown toenails and much more.

One of Elizabeth’s passions is reflexology. By activating reflex points and reflex zones on the soles of the feet during the 60 minute massage her aim is to relax the body and balance the energies.
A reflexology treatment with Elizabeth is a moment of fulfillment both during and after the treatment. His most loyal customers can assure you of that!

Very sociable and a perfectionist, Elizabeth, wishes above all the well-being of her client and to offer to whomever comes to meet her, a positive, relaxing moment to give them the chance to recharge energy during a treatment. She takes to heart to educate and suggest tools and solutions to her clients. Thus, each person is able to maintain their hands, feet and vitality in good health.

Tania, weight loss technician

Weight loss technician since 2013, Tania Joseph guides EQlib’s clients in their nutritional needs to help them reach their wellness goals. Using a program based on the Ideal Protein protocol, she accompanies them through all stages of weight loss, stabilization and maintenance.

Initially trained in business administration and accounting, the young woman joined EQlib as a receptionist when she was still in school. Nutrition came across her path when she was doing a replacement during a colleague’s vacation. It was love at first sight. She then enrolled in a training program before founding her own health program in 2015,
My Life, My Way.
For the nutrition specialist, taking control of one’s diet means making healthy choices without giving up the pleasure of eating. This is why she offers a personalized food guide to each of her clients, based on their preferences and habits.
An avid lover of dance and music, Tania also enjoys walking. Always on the lookout for new ideas to help her clients, this activity allows her to give free rein to her creativity.

Tania Joseph, weight loss technician

Dominic, hairdresser and entrepreneur

Cumulating nearly 40 years of experience in hairdressing, Dominic Quintin started his business in 2012 at the EQlib centre. Always on top of new trends, he brings the magic of his scissors to his clients while specializing in trichology, the study of the hair and scalp. Hair disorders, psoriasis, oily or dry dandruff, androgenetic alopecia: he devotes all his expertise to solving the hair problems of his clients.

Originally from Saint-Jean-sur-le-Richelieu, he first works as a barber and hairdresser in his hometown before moving to Montreal. During his years of practice, he works as an educator for international companies, which leads him to travel throughout the United States. He also gets involved in television with the show Métamorphose presented on Canal Vie. After a career operating in five salons, he fulfills a dream in 2012 by starting his business, Dominic Quintin Coiffure.
Helpful and easy to talk to, the hairdresser offers a courteous service to his customers, happy to create a unique contact with each person who entrusts him with their hairstyle. A lover of music and cooking, he recently discovered a gourmet passion: baking desserts.



Jenny, colourist

Jenny Ludmia Métellus begins practising hairdressing in Montreal in 2004, after having acquired several years of experience in Haiti, her native country. In 2012, she joins Dominic Quintin Coiffure inside the EQlib beauty centre. While she has experience with everything from extensions to haircuts to wedding hair, she specializes in colouring.

As soon as she arrives in Canada, Jenny takes the hairdressing course at the Académie Rollande Saint-Germain and gets a job at Tristan’s, before she even graduates. There, she meets Dominic and joins him when he decides to open his own salon. At EQlib, she finds a family of passionate people with whom she exchanges and is happy to work. For her, waking up every morning to meet her clients is a real pleasure!
She’s 100% devoted to her clients and takes care of them from the massage to the final touch of colouring. Her greatest reward? The smile on her client’s face at the end of their appointment. Outside of work, she enjoys crocheting and reading, which are valuable ways to unwind and spend some time with herself.


Rose-Marie Rebeyrat, receptionist

Rose-Marie, receptionist

Part-time receptionist at EQlib, Rose-Marie Rebeyrat has been working with us for three years now. At the front desk, on the phone or by email, she puts all her listening skills and dynamism at the service of our customers.

As a student of marketing communication at UQÀM, EQlib offers her the flexibility to combine her work and her studies. What does she particularly like about her work environment? The family atmosphere, where fun and professionalism are naturally combined. She also enjoys the close interaction with her clients.

Upon completion of her studies, Rose-Marie would like to work in the fashion or music industry, two fields that fascinate her. She is especially interested in event planning and fashion shows. With a dream of one day moving to Europe, she wishes to explore several regions of the world and to immerse herself in different cultures.


Frédérique, receptionist

A part-time receptionist at EQlib since 2019, Frédérique Marchand greets clients, answers emails, and spreads good vibes to our clientele and our tightly knit team. Besides making appointments and conversing, for Frédérique, customer service is about connection, friendliness and proximity.

A recent CEGEP graduate in arts, literature and communication with a focus on languages, she’s about to begin a bachelor’s degree in art history, with a specialization in museology and art dissemination, at UQÀM. Her aim is to work in an administrative position or as an exhibition manager in a museum, whether in Montreal or somewhere else in the world.
Sociable and welcoming, Frédérique suits perfectly the family atmosphere that prevails at EQlib, where her colleagues are like adoptive mothers and where mutual aid is a priority. The pandemic has allowed this fashion enthusiast to discover a true passion for crochet. She’s even thinking of starting a small business to distribute her creations. Being open to the world, she dreams of spending a year in New York as an exchange student or for a possible work opportunity.

Frédérique Marchand, receptionist

Barbara, Marketing and Communication Director

Barbara Boyer settled in Montreal in 2015, ready to start an internship at EQlib. Six months later, the team adopts her and creates a tailor-made position for her. She then becomes marketing and communication director. For someone who studied in this field, it was a return to her beginnings.

Newsletters, advertising, promotions planning, visuals, video creations, social networks, flyers, posters, business cards: the company’s identity goes through her creative mind before reaching the eyes of the customers. Fueled by new ideas, she enjoys freedom of action within the team to innovate, think outside the box and propose new projects.

Passionate about everything related to imagination and creation, she loves art, including dance, music and cinema.

Arianne, writer

A student in marketing communication at UQÀM, Arianne Medeiros is the person responsible for writing the product sheets for the EQlib website since March 2021. Working from home, this job combines perfectly with her studies and allows her to acquire a great experience in web writing and SEO. 
Although she doesn’t work alongside the EQlib team on a daily basis, Arianne appreciates the openness and warm spirit of her colleagues.  Her work also allows her to get a closer look at the world of aesthetics, which she’s passionate about.

Having first completed a DEC in media and possessing a definite talent for writing, her main objective was to become a journalist. Following an advertising course that particularly resonated with her, she chose to focus on marketing communications, a discipline that unites all her interests. She hopes to eventually join the ranks of a creative agency.
A sportswoman, she enjoys working out, doing outdoor activities and going out with friends. Dreaming of travelling, her savings are aimed at helping her discover the world.

Arianne Medeiros, writer