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Beauty and aesthetics institute in Montreal

Our line of beauty treatments

We have a complete range of beauty, anti-aging, and relaxation treatments for the body and the face. We also offer treatments to take even better care of you.

Our specialized products

Are you tempted by our specialized products? A complete range of nutrition products and cosmetics for the face, body, and nails, not to mention accessories that let you bring the benefits of our treatments home with you.

What’s new on our blog?

An anti-wrinkle cream for every age

An anti-wrinkle cream for every age

Anti-wrinkle creams, at what age should you start using it? Best anti-wrinkle creams, according to age? There’s no magic formula to combat wrinkles.  As we age, we need to ask ourselves what specific creams and treatments we should be using. Let’s dive deeper into...

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Acne is a common issue… even in adulthood!

Acne is a common issue… even in adulthood!

Ah, the wonders of adolescence. Best friends, first-time experiences, growth spurts… and breakouts! While a lot of people tend to get acne in their teen years as a result of surging hormones, this all too common skin issue can affect people of all ages. The good news?...

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Whether it’s beauty treatments or specialized products, our team of experts will listen to you and advise you according to your needs.
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Please note that the CLINIC will be OPEN,
starting February 8, 2021!
We look forward to seeing you.
Our online appointment platform for the clinic is also up and running.
Reserve quickly! or call us at tel:tel: (514) 937-8467
For those who prefer to do everything from home,
our VISIO consultations are always available as well as online orders.
See you soon!

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