Facial aesthetics care and treatment

Try our facial treatments : they relax, and restore tired and dull skin bringing back their radiance. Our Hydradermie Guinot treatment, Lift Summum and our oxygenating peel Esthederm Oxypeeling will give a second youth to your skin. Want a supple and healthy skin? Benefit from treatments in our spa to restore elasticity, improve wrinkles, brown spots and treat acne.

Exilis Ultra : Firming Face Treatment

350 to be determined on consultation

Exilis Ultra is a firming skin care device that improves the quality of collagen and stimulates its formation in addition to tighting the skin. It treats wrinkles, jaw line, eye bags and remodels the area of ​​the neck and décollete.

NūFace Lift Treatment

97,50 50 minutes

This treatment uses NūFace stimulation. The result is a radiant complexion, a plumped skin and lifted facial features.

Collagen Induction Therapy or Mesotherapy with ACS-PEN

365 60 minutes

ACS stands for Advanced Cell Stimulation. The ACS-PEN is the first of its kind. This “State-of-the-Art” device is unique and distinguishes itself from all other needling devices by its unique patent.

Chemical Peel Treatment

145 60 minutes

Chemical peel is a high performance, anti-age treatment for the face, neck and chest that uses a blend of different fruit acids such as glycolic, salicylic acid and several others.

Collagen Microdermabrasion

175 75 minutes

Microdermabrasion will stimulate the renewal of collagen, which will improve the quality and radiance of your skin.

Botox Injections

sur consultation 30 minutes

Botox is a highly purified, naturally occurring protein that has the capacity to accurately relax the muscles to which it is applied.

Fillers Hyaluronic Acid Injections

Price upon consultation 30 to 60 minutes

Hyaluronic acid has a chemical structure similar to sugar and is naturally occurring in your skin and other tissues.

Guinot Hydradermie Lift with Hyaluronic Acid

175 90 minutes

An in depth lifting treatment. With Hydradermie Lift muscles regain tone and firmness, cellular activity is reactivated and features are lifted to spectacular effect.

EQlib Lunch Box Lifting 30-50

140 75 minutes

A must try! An hour of a perfect beauty lift, executed with the Hydra-Lift equipment and the NuFACE technology.

Adolescent Facial

80 60 minutes

Suitable for all young teenagers skin types. Deep tissue cleansing for skin, which includes exfoliation, extraction, followed by a soothing mask.

EQlib Acne Controle Solution

100 75 minutes

Control your acne by rehydrating the skin with sea water and controlling bacteria using a high frequency method or essential oils, followed by a serum and an anti-inflammatory water based mask.

Happy Lunch Box 25-35

125 60 minutes

An hour of relaxation and beauty pleasure. A Guinot Éclat-Hydra treatment suited for your skin needs of the day.

Guinot Hydra Peeling

135 45 min

Hydra Peeling treatment with Hydrabrasion is an instant glow, it brightens your complexion, improves pigmentation. A treatment though for sensitive skin.