The Exilis Elite technology safely re-firms and sculpts the body efficiently by transmitting radiofrequency waves. This technology can re-contours and firms up unattractive fat bulges. It heats subcutaneous tissues to tight existing collagen fibers as well as stimulating production of new collagen.

Results : a redefined silhouette revealing smooth and firm skin.

The treatment is painless and comfortable.

Treatments possible for : :

  • face and neck firming treatment
  • wrinkle reducing (face and neck treatment)
  • eye-lifting treatment
  • face sculpting treatment
  • body re-firming treatment (arms, hands, knees, thighs)
  • cellulite treatment (thighs, stomach, back and knees)

Treatments from $175

Make an appointment with one of our specialists Francine Racine and Annie Francescutti.

For more information call us at 514 937 8467.

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