Waxing, depilatory creams, shaving, you’re tired of having to add this chore to your schedule again and again when there’re long-term hair removal solutions?
You’re a good candidate for laser hair removal and have decided to take the plunge and opt for laser or IPL hair removal?

Hélène gives you 5 precious tips to optimize your laser hair removal with laser or IPL so that your results are as ideal as possible!


Retranscription of the video : “5 tips to optimize your laser hair removal “


5 tips to optimize your laser hair removal

EQlib answers your questions.
“Hello, this is Hélène from EQlib Medispa! You have decided to get rid of one of the routine tasks in your life so you can offer yourself permanent hair removal laser or IPL.
I’ll give you 5 tips to optimize it!


Tip #1 : Exfoliation

First tip: Exfoliation.
Knowing that you have to do it two or three times during the week before you start your treatment and that the last one will be the day before your laser hair removal or IPL session. The reason for this is that to clear the skin of  dead skin cells accumulated will greatly improve the effectiveness of your permanent hair removal session.


Tip #2 : Moisturizing

Second tip: Hydration. It’s very important to hydrate every day except the day of your permanent hair removal laser or IPL session which.
Why? Because a well hydrated skin will recover faster,  your laser session will be more effective and the feeling of the treatment  will be much more comfortable.


Tip #3 : Shaving

Third tip: Shaving. So first you have to understand how permanent hair removal works.
Whether it’s laser hair removal or IPL, it’s a light that will penetrate into the skin,  that will see the bulb of your hair and the pigments. So you shouldn’t remove them, neither with the electric epilator wax or tweezers, but really shave, preferably the same morning or the night before laser hair removal. For those who have to shave a less accessible area like the back, don’t worry, you can ask your  beautician or your laser technician, it will be a pleasure for them to do it for you.


Tip #4 : Avoid tanning

Tip #4: Absolutely avoid tanning.
The reason is the one I named in the 3rd tip earlier: as the light from the permanent hair removal laser or IPL sees the pigments in skin and sees the pigments in the hair but it will also see the pigments in the skin tissues. As we want to avoid skin discomfort, little irritations or things like that, it’s very important to have a skin that is not tanned at all or as little as possible. Avoid tanning beds, avoid even indirect UV exposure during very hot days and avoid beta carotene supplements. If you have not been able to avoid,  it is very important to notify your technician.


Tip #5: Anesthetic cream

Fifth tip: So laser treatment is worth it, it’s good for a long time, it even looks like it is good for life, but we have to be honest , it’s not a massage! So for those of you who have sensitive skin and would like to make their hair removal session a little bit more comfortable, you can buy products as topical anesthetic creams at the pharmacy counter.
Be sure to do an allergy test before applying it to a large area. These will anesthetize the skin by, I would say, about 70 to 80% so they are very very very effective but they have to be applied at least 60 to 90 minutes before your laser hair removal or IPL session.

Now that you have the five tips, if you want to know if you are a good candidate for permanent hair removal don’t hesitate to make an appointment  for a free consultation at the clinic or by videoconference. It will be our pleasure to  to help you. Bye bye!

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